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The world’s exclusive producer of 50nm NANO powder.

Manufacturing battery materials in both lab and industrial quantities.

NANO Powder

Unleash the Power of NANO Powder

At ABM Nano, we are proud to introduce our Lithium Lanthanum Zirconate (NANO) powder, a groundbreaking innovation in solid electrolytes. We’re the world’s exclusive producer of 50nm NANO powder for all-solid-state batteries. Our NANO powder stands out for its superior thermal stability and high ionic conductivity, setting a new standard in battery technology. Its compatibility with various electrodes underscores our commitment to versatility and performance. We are at the forefront of developing solid-state batteries that promise enhanced safety and longevity, marking a significant stride towards sustainable and efficient energy storage solutions. Partner with us and discover how our NANO powder can revolutionize your energy solutions.

Advanced Nano Powder Solutions

ABM Nano, with over 30 years experience in the metal powder industry and nanotech R&D sectors, stands out as a leader in nano powder milling, utilizing patented nanotechnology to exceed industry standards in quality and service. Offering a range of products, including mechanical alloying powder, nano ceramic powder, and high-performing boron carbide powder, we cater to both lab and industrial needs. Committed to innovation and customer collaboration, ABM Nano ensures tailored solutions that meet stringent quality, regulatory, and timeline criteria, promising unparalleled solutions in the nanotechnology market. Discover how we can enhance your projects—contact us today.

Revolutionizing Industries with High-Performance Nano Powders

We provide mechanical alloying powder, nano ceramic powder, magnetic materials, world-leading high-performing Boron Carbide powder, and bio-nanotechnology, manufacturing our materials in both lab and industrial quantities.

Mechanical Alloying Powder

Mechanical Alloying Powder

Thermoelectric, Powder Metallurgy, Heat Shield, Refractory, Supper Alloy.

Nano Ceramic Powder

New Materials for the Oil and Gas Industry: Stability and Transportability.

Magnetic Materials

Key Components for Electric Motors: Fast Response and Simple Interface.


Bio Nano Technology

Elements in Nutritional Supplement Health Care and Agriculture.
NANO Powder Metal Powder Industry Magnetic Materials

Research and Innovation


The ABM Nano team of experts has worked in the metal powder industry and nanotechnology R&D for over 30 years. We are passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals. Advances in nano-scale technologies will develop into mass markets in the coming years, with new products and services.

Our professionals are committed to working closely with your team to solve your problems. We will deliver the best-quality products on the market and meet all your requirements and deadlines for success. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you to create the future. Join us on this exciting journey—reach out to start a conversation about how we can support your success.

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NANO Powder Metal Powder Industry Magnetic Materials

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Frequently Asked Questions

ABM Nano has garnered widespread popularity due to its exceptional expertise in producing NANO powder, a material pivotal in advancing battery technology. Our reputation is based on our consistent delivery of high-quality NANO powder, which precisely meets the needs of industries aiming to harness the potential of solid-state batteries. Our innovative approach to the synthesis and application of NANO powder sets us apart, reflecting our commitment to excellence and innovation. With NANO Powder at the core of our offerings, ABM Nano has become synonymous with cutting-edge solutions in nanotechnology, attracting a broad spectrum of clients who trust our NANO powder for its unparalleled performance and reliability. This repeated success with NANO Powder underscores why ABM Nano stands out in the nanotechnology sector.

Nanotechnology refers to the science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nanoscale, which is about 1 to 100 nanometers. It involves manipulating and controlling individual atoms and molecules to create materials or devices with new or enhanced properties. This technology is applied across various fields, including medicine, electronics, energy, and materials science, offering revolutionary advancements like targeted drug delivery systems, more efficient solar panels, and stronger, lighter materials. Nanotechnology is pivotal in driving innovation and solving complex challenges by harnessing the unique behaviors of matter at the nanoscale.

There are several ways to contact us at ABM Nano. You can call us at (832) 680-9611. You can e-mail us at juliac@abmnano.com. You can also send us a message via our contact form. Whatever way you choose, someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you.

NANO Powder

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