ABM Nano Inc.


Mechanical Alloy Nano Powder

ABM Nano developed unique Mechanical Alloying processing system which capable of efficiently producing MA Nanostructure Powder with high quality. Many useful combinations of materials cannot be achieved by melting, chemical process or by conventional powder metallurgy ABM Nano technology introduced a revolutionary MA method to process various Nano-composite powder, the quality of performance were previously not possible. From laboratory test to large volume production

ABM Nano offers variety of mechanically alloying. Custom formulated Nano powder. Our unique nanotechnology process is not only eco-friendly and extremely efficient, but more importantly it offers High Quality Products. XRD analysis is performed for each product.

Thermoelectric Nano Powder

High Entropy Materials

Transition Metal (TM) Carbides

Megnetic Materials

Powder Metallurgy(P/M) Materials