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Nano Ceramic Powder

The global Nano Ceramic powders market has been rapidly growing as more applications were discovered. The electronics end user sub-segment holds a majority of the market share. The inherent properties of nanoceramic powders provide a genration high-speed computer chip. In addition to the electronics industry, nanoceramic powders find vast application in the medical industry. They are increasingly used for manufacturing artificial bone implants and other organs. The promising performance of Nano Ceramic Materials in high-performance coatings is one of the main driving force behind the growth of the market. These coatings are applied to engineering metals such as cast iron, steel, superalloys, titanium alloys, tungsten carbides, carbon/carbon composites, and other ceramics. On the flipside, high processing and manufacturing costs of these nanomaterials is expected to hinder market growth. The breakthrough technology developed by ABM Nano LLC. enabled the manufacturing process speed up and produce high quality Nano Powder with high yield production.

The oil industry needs strong, stable materials in virtually all its processes. By building up such substances on a nanoscale. it could produce equipment that is lighter, more resistant, and stronger. Nanotechnology could be used to increase opportunities to develop geothermal resources by enhancing thermal conductivity, improving downhole separation, and aiding in the development of non-corrosive materials that could be used for geothermal-energy production. Nanoscale metals already have been used to delineate ore deposits for geochemical exploration. Nanotechnology can be used to improve the drilling particles and superfine powder that significantly improve drilling speed. This blend eliminates damage to the reservoir rock in the well, making it possible to extract more oil. ABM Nano team invite you to try our products for your applications. Please feel free to contact us for Free Samples.